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ons, it’s best not to 西安足浴spa rush. Inquiry.”
Gawain noticed one point instantly: Tyre called the war in the ancient times “the war against the tide”, while Melita called it “the war against the tide,” a deviation of one word brought it out. The amount of information is huge.
And it seems that this matter is even considered a taboo among the dragons?
Although he was very interested in the ancient war that might involve the “black trap”, Gao Wen did not get entangled in this issue, but changed the subject lightly: “Actually, I am very curious, why did you so easily To reveal your dragon identity, your dragons are so mysterious in front of the world, isn’t it important to pretend to be yourself?”
“It’s very important, but it’s not as important as you think,” Melita said calmly, “After discovering that you have investigated the impact pit, and my lost property is still on your body, I know that you will inevitably put the Mithril Treasury. In connection with the dragon, instead of making things troublesome in the future, Mithril Treasury believes that it is better to directly increase the’contact level’ with you. From historical experience, this 西安洗浴网 is the best way to avoid accidents.”
“It seems. You have a complete set of plans to deal with all kinds of accidents in the process of contact with the world,” Gao Wen judged, “There are strict plans, strict organization, hierarchical management, and the purpose of establishing a huge Secret Silver Treasury is affirmed. Not just to be a’treasure house’, right?”
“We dragons have been paying attention to the continent of Loren, paying attention to the development and changes of all races and countries on this land. Mithril Treasury is our tool for observing the continent-of course, its The role of’treasury’ is equally important. Dragons are a race that likes to collect treasures. You should have heard of this.”
Gao Wen raised his eyebrows and ignored the part about “collecting treasures”: “Just observation?
” Just by observing, we will not intervene in an