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ond the moment. After thinking for a long time, I realized that this vitality comes from every individual connected by this network, and even from the entire mortal civilization today. In the years that he remembers, mortal civilization has never flourished like this. Growth, beating 西安夜生活论坛 violently like a strong heart.
“Okay, so good”
The former god of nature couldn’t help but exclaimed, with a smile on his face. To be fair, what he saw at the moment was nothing to a former god: when he could still hear the prayers of believers, Countless elves and a small number of human believers converge their minds and beliefs to the gods. By reading this information, Amone can grasp the changes in the entire Silver Empire and even part of the human kingdom at any time, especially those involving the natural realm. Changes. At that time, although the expressions of what he could “see” were different, the content was almost the same as the information flowing in the neural network.
But this is precisely the point that touched and even shocked him the most in the whole thing-he used to be able to do this because of the authority of God, but today mortals have done similar things, relying on mortals. Your own wisdom, and who can use this “power” that once belonged to the gods now?
Anyone can—as long as you can afford the immersion cabin equipment. In today’s Cecil, the cost of using such new equipment is dropping at an alarming rate every day. Even in some areas, 西安品茶网 the Department of Government will specialize A large amount of funds are allocated to subsidize the people, so that these “infrastructure” can be popularized to the entire society at the fastest speed.
With these complex thoughts turning in his heart, Amone’s attention continues to wander among the constantly refreshing news. The feeling of connecting to the neural network is completely different from the feeling of watching the Monet program. This wonderful sense of immersion and immediacy Let him enjoy this, and at this moment, a new news that a


d the anxiety of her adopted son, she patted the seat on the other side, and relieved Yinuo with the same tone as before. Lost the pressure of Inno.
Eno sat on another sofa very well, and the performance hall was plunged into darkness at this time. During the period, Marina could still hear many low-pitched whispers below.
“Why didn’t I see the stage”
“The background wall was pushed 西安品茶网 too far in front”
“Do you know that the troupe performed it?”
“Shut up, this performance does not require a theater company.”
The whispers heard by Marina did not need the theater company to perform . It was also Marina’s inner problem, but the pictures on the giant screen soon resolved her doubts.
A long time ago, there was a cursed demon prince. Half of human blood
was flowing in his body . The narration of a ghost and friendly voice under the skeletal father slowly came to the background of this story. Following the picture in the giant screen, one In an instant, the audience was introduced into the world constructed by Qiao Xiu.
Then there was the small village where Marina couldn’t be more familiar with. The heroine of the story, Belle, who was sitting next to her, walked out slowly and sang with the villagers in the way of an 西安夜生活论坛 occasion. Audience what kind of girl Belle is.
“Could the farmers in those villages give birth to such beautiful girls?”
“Pretty, I still think Miss Carolly is more attractive” The
whispering voice instantly disappeared in the chorus of Belle and the villagers, as the movie screens Many people have forgotten to discuss 西安耍耍网 with friends.
As the story of the movie gradually unfolded, those who held the view that the flower of Faloxi is the most beautiful girl in the world have begun to shake completely.
Because the rumored flower of Falothi is indeed beautiful, but it is too far away for everyone sitting. When it is so far away, everyone does not know what her true character is, and it is only played on stage. All kinds of characters are covered with a veil of mystery, an