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0 ‘s arrival During this period, he found several more suspicious persons through physical friction.
time came, gunshots broke out in the back room on the other side of the banquet hall, and Ren Suo did not wait for the game prompt to control the killer. Kill the assassin hiding behind the pillar with one shot, take his position and hide behind the pillar with excellent visibility, open the bullet time and shoot and kill three assassins in a row!
The banquet hall was in chaos, and the killer took the opportunity to hide behind the pillars to recover 西安桑拿夜网 his instincts. Ren Suo has done the calculations, hiding in this safe zone, he can keep shooting for 5 seconds and rest for 5 seconds. Even if the assassins find a cover, he can also use the bullet time to catch the assassins and explode them with one shot. Big nose,
da da da da da da da –
At this time, the people in black who rushed into the banquet hall from outside, tried to counterattack with guns, and were hit by a hornet’s nest with two assault rifles!
“Isn’t it a pistol battle? How come there are assault rifles? Where did they come from?” Ren Suo found two assassins standing on the side of the table where the wine glass pyramid was placed, shooting frantically with rifles, and squatting down after shooting out a magazine. Take out a new magazine under the table!
They put the assault rifle under the table! ?
Without waiting 西安耍耍网 for Ren Suo’s surprise, the assassins began to diverge. Some of them rushed out to guard the elevator and the safe passage. One assassin with an assault rifle led five people into the hall, and the other with an assault rifle. The assassin shoots at the killer’s hidden location!
Da da da da da da gun-ming, and instantly 西安夜网论坛 stripped carved pillars and lime on the front of the killer!
The screen suddenly turned red, indicating that the killer was injured but not dead. Ren Suo knew that he couldn’t continue like this, so he turned to open the bullet time while he was changing the magazine-
咻, another assassin staring