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ldest empire of the Loren continent?” Gao Wen smiled, “I was as excited as you when I first heard about this news.”
Rosetta calmed down quickly, his gaze swept across the dragon flag flying not far away, and the expression on his face moved slightly: “Then tower What about Elrond? As the world’s oldest civilization, their side”
“Talrond is now a member of the Theocratic Council, so they also promised to share their theological mysteries,” Gawain nodded. But then the conversation turned around, “But they will only provide a part, and they will give it later.”
Rosetta frowned subconsciously: “Why?”
“They need to sort out those distant records in a piece of wasteland. All the archives and data storage facilities in Tarrond are now buried in ruins. Even if some can be dug out, I don’t know when they will be dug out. Only a few Taikoo dragons who have experienced the ancient times in person can help in this regard, but it takes time to sort out the memory itself, and those Taikoo dragons are now the leaders of Tarrond, and their energy is limited,” Gao Wen conveyed on behalf of The 西安桑拿夜网 information provided by Melita said, “Of course, the more important reason is that some information cannot be disclosed at will. This is not because of the lack of sincerity of the dragons, but the information.”
“Dangerous?” Rosetta understands it. The person who has been dealing with God’s Eye for decades, he knows that there are many taboos related to God, “Part of the knowledge is not safe?”
“Well,” Gao Wen nodded, his voice slightly lowered. “You know, the dragon race has survived far beyond our civilization records. In the long years, they have maintained symbiosis with their gods for a long time-after falling into a special locked state, they have gained a lot from the gods. “Gifts”, these gifts are harmless to them, but it is difficult to determine what will happen to other races. They need to slowly screen their knowledge 西安夜桑拿网 and find the part that can be safely shared to understand. They really need time now