ond the moment. After thinking for a long time, I realized that this vitality comes from every individual connected by this network, and even from the entire mortal civilization today. In the years that he remembers, mortal civilization has never flourished like this. Growth, beating 西安夜生活论坛 violently like a strong heart.
“Okay, so good”
The former god of nature couldn’t help but exclaimed, with a smile on his face. To be fair, what he saw at the moment was nothing to a former god: when he could still hear the prayers of believers, Countless elves and a small number of human believers converge their minds and beliefs to the gods. By reading this information, Amone can grasp the changes in the entire Silver Empire and even part of the human kingdom at any time, especially those involving the natural realm. Changes. At that time, although the expressions of what he could “see” were different, the content was almost the same as the information flowing in the neural network.
But this is precisely the point that touched and even shocked him the most in the whole thing-he used to be able to do this because of the authority of God, but today mortals have done similar things, relying on mortals. Your own wisdom, and who can use this “power” that once belonged to the gods now?
Anyone can—as long as you can afford the immersion cabin equipment. In today’s Cecil, the cost of using such new equipment is dropping at an alarming rate every day. Even in some areas, 西安品茶网 the Department of Government will specialize A large amount of funds are allocated to subsidize the people, so that these “infrastructure” can be popularized to the entire society at the fastest speed.
With these complex thoughts turning in his heart, Amone’s attention continues to wander among the constantly refreshing news. The feeling of connecting to the neural network is completely different from the feeling of watching the Monet program. This wonderful sense of immersion and immediacy Let him enjoy this, and at this moment, a new news that a


o one else around, and then reached into his arms and took it out. A letter sealed with magic talisman.
“Please forgive me for the little concealment-I don’t have any private words. I am here to forward you a letter.”
“Letter?” Gawain was really surprised this time, and he picked it up curiously. A letter, guessing who wrote a secret letter to himself, and this secret letter is obviously still kept secret from the entire envoy. Before this moment, I am afraid that only Cohen Loren himself knows its 西安洗浴网 existence, “The royal family’s mark “On the
seal of the letter, the sword and shield emblem of the Anzu royal family was printed.
Gawain cast a questioning glance at Cohen Laurent, who owed slightly: “The people on the Throne of Silver Fort greet you.” On
the Throne of Silver Fort, sitting on the throne of Silver Fort is the nominal 西安桑拿夜网 crown prince of Anzu at this moment. , Wales Moen.
This is a bit interesting.
Gao Wen restrained his unexpected emotions, waved his hand to break the seal on the envelope, and took out three neatly folded pieces of letter paper from the inside, while Amber, who was standing next to him, immediately turned his head aside with an exaggerated gesture. I don’t know how to peek.
“Salute to you, the founder of the kingdom, I will talk to you as the heir of the blood of Moen for the time being. This should be the first conversation between us-unfortunately, it is separated by a piece of letter paper and a half Within the distance of a kingdom, I can only choose simple and straightforward language as much as possible, in order to let you understand my attitude and my true intentions as much as possible.
“I know the existence of the Mithril 西安耍耍网 Oath Board.
“I know your qualifications for succession.”
At the beginning of this letter, Gawain was surprised.
He concealed the surprise in his heart with a calm face, and looked up at Cohen Loren, who was sitting opposite, but there was no expression on his face, and there was no way to tell whether the deputy commander kne

《若你安好便是晴天》引发观众关注国潮时尚 徐璐

were tied directly to their bodies.
“Brothers, to survive, fight!”
To survive, what is the reason? They want to survive, everyone wants to survive, but sometimes, if you don’t give up your own life, you can’t protect your elders. The lives of loved ones.
No matter who it is and when, as long as it is fighting for the motherland and the people, it is a hero!
The invaders are all beasts.
“Charge!” The
five people stood up holding grenade bags and rushed across the sandbag bunker towards the Japanese army. They wanted to use their flesh and blood to shake the invaders’ steel guns and cannons.
“Da da da!”
“Bang bang bang!”
Tan machine gun opened fire on the grams, rushing toward these national army soldiers crazy fire, behind the tank creeps also raised a gun shot.
Puff puff puff ~
a series of bullets hit the soldiers 西安桑拿按摩网 of the national army, some rushed out more than ten steps, some rushed out twenty steps, rows of bullets hit them, blood splashed, and one by one fell down screaming. .
The fastest one ran to a place only 20 meters away from the Japanese tanks, but was still knocked over by the dense bullets.
Their blood stained the earth.
their blood is red and hot.
Seeing this scene, Jiang Hao gritted his teeth and cursed a fuck.
The Devil’s tank was still advancing steadily, and the artillery continued to bombard the position. Jiang Hao gritted his teeth, jumped off the roof and got out of an alley, and came to the back of the Japanese army, less than 200 meters away from the Japanese. Take out the crooked sub-machine gun from the space.
“Da da da da! da da da!”
Jiang Hao’s machine gun burst into flames and opened fire behind the 西安桑拿夜网 Japanese army. Jiang Hao came too suddenly, and he killed the replenishment soldiers hiding behind the tank. After seven or eight, someone shouted, “There is an enemy behind.” The
Japanese soldiers got down and began to shoot back at Jiang Hao’s side. For a while, the entire offensive scene came to a halt, and the 西安夜网论坛 batt


d the anxiety of her adopted son, she patted the seat on the other side, and relieved Yinuo with the same tone as before. Lost the pressure of Inno.
Eno sat on another sofa very well, and the performance hall was plunged into darkness at this time. During the period, Marina could still hear many low-pitched whispers below.
“Why didn’t I see the stage”
“The background wall was pushed 西安品茶网 too far in front”
“Do you know that the troupe performed it?”
“Shut up, this performance does not require a theater company.”
The whispers heard by Marina did not need the theater company to perform . It was also Marina’s inner problem, but the pictures on the giant screen soon resolved her doubts.
A long time ago, there was a cursed demon prince. Half of human blood
was flowing in his body . The narration of a ghost and friendly voice under the skeletal father slowly came to the background of this story. Following the picture in the giant screen, one In an instant, the audience was introduced into the world constructed by Qiao Xiu.
Then there was the small village where Marina couldn’t be more familiar with. The heroine of the story, Belle, who was sitting next to her, walked out slowly and sang with the villagers in the way of an 西安夜生活论坛 occasion. Audience what kind of girl Belle is.
“Could the farmers in those villages give birth to such beautiful girls?”
“Pretty, I still think Miss Carolly is more attractive” The
whispering voice instantly disappeared in the chorus of Belle and the villagers, as the movie screens Many people have forgotten to discuss 西安耍耍网 with friends.
As the story of the movie gradually unfolded, those who held the view that the flower of Faloxi is the most beautiful girl in the world have begun to shake completely.
Because the rumored flower of Falothi is indeed beautiful, but it is too far away for everyone sitting. When it is so far away, everyone does not know what her true character is, and it is only played on stage. All kinds of characters are covered with a veil of mystery, an


0 ‘s arrival During this period, he found several more suspicious persons through physical friction.
time came, gunshots broke out in the back room on the other side of the banquet hall, and Ren Suo did not wait for the game prompt to control the killer. Kill the assassin hiding behind the pillar with one shot, take his position and hide behind the pillar with excellent visibility, open the bullet time and shoot and kill three assassins in a row!
The banquet hall was in chaos, and the killer took the opportunity to hide behind the pillars to recover 西安桑拿夜网 his instincts. Ren Suo has done the calculations, hiding in this safe zone, he can keep shooting for 5 seconds and rest for 5 seconds. Even if the assassins find a cover, he can also use the bullet time to catch the assassins and explode them with one shot. Big nose,
da da da da da da da –
At this time, the people in black who rushed into the banquet hall from outside, tried to counterattack with guns, and were hit by a hornet’s nest with two assault rifles!
“Isn’t it a pistol battle? How come there are assault rifles? Where did they come from?” Ren Suo found two assassins standing on the side of the table where the wine glass pyramid was placed, shooting frantically with rifles, and squatting down after shooting out a magazine. Take out a new magazine under the table!
They put the assault rifle under the table! ?
Without waiting 西安耍耍网 for Ren Suo’s surprise, the assassins began to diverge. Some of them rushed out to guard the elevator and the safe passage. One assassin with an assault rifle led five people into the hall, and the other with an assault rifle. The assassin shoots at the killer’s hidden location!
Da da da da da da gun-ming, and instantly 西安夜网论坛 stripped carved pillars and lime on the front of the killer!
The screen suddenly turned red, indicating that the killer was injured but not dead. Ren Suo knew that he couldn’t continue like this, so he turned to open the bullet time while he was changing the magazine-
咻, another assassin staring


ons, it’s best not to 西安足浴spa rush. Inquiry.”
Gawain noticed one point instantly: Tyre called the war in the ancient times “the war against the tide”, while Melita called it “the war against the tide,” a deviation of one word brought it out. The amount of information is huge.
And it seems that this matter is even considered a taboo among the dragons?
Although he was very interested in the ancient war that might involve the “black trap”, Gao Wen did not get entangled in this issue, but changed the subject lightly: “Actually, I am very curious, why did you so easily To reveal your dragon identity, your dragons are so mysterious in front of the world, isn’t it important to pretend to be yourself?”
“It’s very important, but it’s not as important as you think,” Melita said calmly, “After discovering that you have investigated the impact pit, and my lost property is still on your body, I know that you will inevitably put the Mithril Treasury. In connection with the dragon, instead of making things troublesome in the future, Mithril Treasury believes that it is better to directly increase the’contact level’ with you. From historical experience, this 西安洗浴网 is the best way to avoid accidents.”
“It seems. You have a complete set of plans to deal with all kinds of accidents in the process of contact with the world,” Gao Wen judged, “There are strict plans, strict organization, hierarchical management, and the purpose of establishing a huge Secret Silver Treasury is affirmed. Not just to be a’treasure house’, right?”
“We dragons have been paying attention to the continent of Loren, paying attention to the development and changes of all races and countries on this land. Mithril Treasury is our tool for observing the continent-of course, its The role of’treasury’ is equally important. Dragons are a race that likes to collect treasures. You should have heard of this.”
Gao Wen raised his eyebrows and ignored the part about “collecting treasures”: “Just observation?
” Just by observing, we will not intervene in an


in Yixiang and Liang Junyi next to him and shouted: “Axiang, Liang Sir, don’t froze! Hurry up and process the information! Zhuang Sir promised us to keep the money in the stock account and not hold us accountable!”
“Wow.” Lin Yixiang and Liang Junyi came back to their senses and hurriedly stepped forward to help pick up the files.
“Follow me all!” General Administration, on the twelfth floor, said Wang Anqi, wearing a suit and paddling his hands at the door of the deputy director’s office.
“Yes, sir!” a group of ghost police officers from the Political Department replied in a solemn voice.
625 This is a coup! (Seeking 西安品茶网 subscription, asking for monthly pass)
“Zzizi…” Information Section.
Yang Zhen feeds the documents into the shredder.
The shredder runs and the cutter head rotates.
The documents were quickly cut into small pieces of paper…
Liang Junyi and Lin Yixiang pulled apart the videotape, took out the vinyl 西安耍耍网 inside, crumpled the black tape into clumps, and then took out a lighter to light it and destroy it.
A burst of green smoke wafted out of the office area, and the intelligence officers smelled the burning smell of the burning documents, but they turned a blind eye to them, immersed themselves in their work, and pretended not to see anything.
Sir Zhuang’s majesty is unshakable!
They are not qualified to see or smell anything.
They can only be wooden people under the general trend.
“Do I need to discover every detail? As long as I don’t fall, the entire headquarters will go up and down thousands of people, everyone will be my eyes!” Zeng Xiangrong looked majestic and walked in the corridor with the investigative team. Sir Zhuang’s voice echoed in his mind.
This time the deputy director of the operation targeted the Zhuang 西安夜网论坛 family’s actions. Theoretically, the Zhuang family had some oversight. No matter it was the Intelligence Section, the Investigation Section, the Security Department, and every department, they did not play a preventive role.


ldest empire of the Loren continent?” Gao Wen smiled, “I was as excited as you when I first heard about this news.”
Rosetta calmed down quickly, his gaze swept across the dragon flag flying not far away, and the expression on his face moved slightly: “Then tower What about Elrond? As the world’s oldest civilization, their side”
“Talrond is now a member of the Theocratic Council, so they also promised to share their theological mysteries,” Gawain nodded. But then the conversation turned around, “But they will only provide a part, and they will give it later.”
Rosetta frowned subconsciously: “Why?”
“They need to sort out those distant records in a piece of wasteland. All the archives and data storage facilities in Tarrond are now buried in ruins. Even if some can be dug out, I don’t know when they will be dug out. Only a few Taikoo dragons who have experienced the ancient times in person can help in this regard, but it takes time to sort out the memory itself, and those Taikoo dragons are now the leaders of Tarrond, and their energy is limited,” Gao Wen conveyed on behalf of The 西安桑拿夜网 information provided by Melita said, “Of course, the more important reason is that some information cannot be disclosed at will. This is not because of the lack of sincerity of the dragons, but the information.”
“Dangerous?” Rosetta understands it. The person who has been dealing with God’s Eye for decades, he knows that there are many taboos related to God, “Part of the knowledge is not safe?”
“Well,” Gao Wen nodded, his voice slightly lowered. “You know, the dragon race has survived far beyond our civilization records. In the long years, they have maintained symbiosis with their gods for a long time-after falling into a special locked state, they have gained a lot from the gods. “Gifts”, these gifts are harmless to them, but it is difficult to determine what will happen to other races. They need to slowly screen their knowledge 西安夜桑拿网 and find the part that can be safely shared to understand. They really need time now